Which are tearing my concsiousness to pieces every day. People around me are obsessed with another understanding of success, while I feel inner hostility to their vision. I don't want to be a businessman, I don't want to earn money by doing something not intellectually satisfying or not valuable at all from the point of view of my moral values. Artificial Intelligence, fighting aging, extending human capabilities using brain-computer interfaces or genome modifications, space missions — how can this be compared to making lenses for American teenagers or selling milk to people?
There is something more than money.
And freedom to choose comes from high-quality education.
So, to achieve it I have the following plan:
1. Attending lectures on analysis in MCMME from the next semester.
2. Solving problems from Kostrikin and Zorich/Lvovski.
3. Finishing a course on Udacity to get enrolled into the work of Deep Learning lab.
In a perfect future, I get accepted to data analysis faculty, to YDAS and to DeepHack lab. Combining those in appropriate way, I will be able to get published before graduation, and this will dramatically increase my chances to enroll to master's degree in UK, Switzerland or USA.