The most disappointing thing that happened to me after my re-enrollment to the university is the loss of the global aims. At least, on the level of doing, not dreaming. Life is intense here, and I feel like a tiny boat in a heart of the storm. I am an experienced sailor, used to it, but it gets harder and harder to stay on the course.
One more disturbing fact is the following: I don't feel like I am really learning something new so far. I am not even reading books I have always wanted to read, despite the fact I was granted with a possibility to learn them from the very beginnings, fixing all mistakes I've made before. All this comes down to the matter of incorrect time-management, this seems clear now, and to initial inability to set up the schedule concise enough to maintain and follow.
Hence, I want to describe once again, in a chronological sequence, what I want to achieve here and why.
1. First of all, I want to graduate with the best grades I can achieve.
Otherwise, prestigious western education is going to be unaffordable for me, while I habe an urge towards getting a PhD, and MsC in UK/USA/Switzerland is the must for that future.
Hence, my GPA is my primary goal. All the distractions must be postponed or removed from the schedule, if they contradict with efforts, invested in affording this.
Criteria for successfull achievement: Abramov scholarship and top 15% (requirement of Excellenz Scholarship in ETH).
2. Secondly, I am here to become a scientist.
So far, the only sphere that looks reasonable is machine learning.
Hence, there are the following steps:
2.1. Get enrolled to Yandex Data Analysis School.
2.1.1. Read Zorich books
2.1.2. Read Kostrikin books and solve the related exercises
2.1.3. Solve problems from NMU sheets.
2.2. Get enrolled into DeepHackLab
2.3. Get enrolled into Yandex Data Analysis faculty in MIPT.
2.4. Start participating in Kaggle competitions.
3. Thirdly, there are some dreams I carry with me since my childhood
3.1. Learn at least four foreign languages: English, French, German and some of the Scandinavian ones.
3.2. Achieve C2 level in English, be able to perform a simultaneous translation. Perfectly, make it your native language.
3.3. Develop a beautiful body, strong and healthy.
3.4. Maintain statistics of as much daily activities as possible, enroll into life-logging movement.
4. Fourthly, there are strategic goals.
4.1. Emigrate to UK or USA.
4.2. Achieve a PhD.
4.3. Work as a research scientist or be a head a research-based business.