Eternity passed since my last visit. Nevertheless, this is not going to happen again. At least, I hope so.
The reason is, people around me are bright. Unusual. Inspiring. And in order to get heard, I must learn how to spread the word properly.
To destroy that wall of ignorance I've built around myself.
So, the main purpose of this and forthcoming posts is to get in touch with my identity again.
It is a pavid beast, so what I would like to start with is setting a schedule exact enough to follow it, to postulate my goals and change for better.
First of all, I must care about my health, in more general understanding of the word (physical, mental, intellectual, emotional -- alltogether). I am already making progress, but it is not a system yet. To cope with lack of time, I've set a long-term goal to wake up as early as I can, perfectly -- between 5 and 6 AM. If I achieve it, my productivity will flourish: i am going to attend swimming pool at least three times per week, to write an entry to the diary every morning, to have a walk several times per week and to dedicate enough time to learning German language and data science.
I consider "productivity" as a word of the year, and, quite possibly, of the forthcoming one. I am greatly interested in developing more sophisticated approaches to learning and self-education, as expanding my knowledge is among the most important of my values.
Hence, secondly, I must learn cleverly, not a lot. I am interested in trying Pavlenko's language learning methodics (bilingual reading by Ilya Frank, spending my free time on doing exercises from "Colloquial German", listening to the Deutsche Welle, communicating with germanophones and so on). Generally speaking, I consider him a person a can learn most from at the given moment. Also, I am curious about making attempt to learn Python using Snakify, as I've already learned C++ exactly from ACM-style problems. Also, I must maintain statistics on my daily activities, to develop a proper understanding on which activities are uselessly time consuming. By doing so I hope to reorganize my schedule in order to be able to read books and to attend a course in machine learning and a speaking club in MIPT.
Thirdly, I must spend some time on topics I am really excited about: hard science fiction, biologically inspired computing, additional senses, biohacking, transhumanism, augmented/virtual reality -- anything that offers scientifically possible augmentation of brain capabilites. Watching series, movies, reading books and articles, participating in related projects or developing them on my own, anything, but it must be done regularly, otherwise I will loose vision of a destination point.
Fourthly, I must care about beauty, be it my room, my appearance, my speech, my ideas, my music -- anything. It is something I will always fight for.
And the last but not the least, I need holding decent conversations with other people, I need networking. It has been a long time since I've been thinking about socializing in a proper way, but it is time to wake up.
So, this is a raw sketch on what I am going to post here so far.